Dazzle Dry by VB Cosmetics


Dazzle Dry Tea Time Collection



5 piece kit – $62


3 piece kit – $33









Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Top Coat 0.5oz – $13.90

Non-yellowing, toluene-formaldehyde- and phthalate free. Dazzle Dry’s high-gloss topcoat quickly dries to the touch and provides UV sunscreen protection for longer-lasting color.

Dazzle Dry Base Coat 0.5oz – $13.90

Specially formulated for natural nails for longer-lasting nail polish wear. Enriching and eco-friendly, Dazzle Dry’s Base Coat formula is nitrocellulose-phthalate-toluene-formaldehyde FREE.

Dazzle Dry Nail Prep 4oz – Call for professionals’ pricing

Nourishes, cleans, sanitizes and conditions nails for longer color wear. With beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed protein, Nail Prep promotes longer-lasting manicures and pedicures.

Cuticle Remover with Lanolin 4oz – Call for professionals’ pricing

Removes unwanted and overgrown cuticles and dead skin to provide manicures and pedicures a clean finished look. Lanolin softens and assists in easy removal, eliminating cutting and nipping. Use with Be Silky’s Callus Spray and VB Cosmetics’ Heels and Elbows Cream for a complete pedicure experience.

Be Silky Callus Spray with Lemongrass 8 oz – Call for professionals’ pricing

Rapidly softens rough, dry callus build-up while delivering deep hydration. Be Silky’s Lemongrass Callus Spray penetrates deeply into your skin, enabling you to simply file or buff away extra callus build-up to reveal smoother, healthier skin.