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Cirepil Cristalline Strip-less Wax

Cirepil Cristalline Strip-less Wax

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Cirépil’s hypoallergenic, beeswax & rosin free, vegan friendly formula “shrink wraps” the hair allowing easy, complete hair removal. Microcrystalline formulation for ultra-smooth, thin application is excellent for all areas of the body, including Brazilian/Bikini. This wax is ideal for sensitive and delicate areas, all skin and hair types including vellus hair.

100% Easy to use! No strips needed, unique beads are easy to melt, easy to refill

100% Effectiveness! Long lasting results

100% Profitable! Save time and product, create customer loyalty

100% Comfortable! Incredibly less painful! Low, gentle temperature wax. Never sticky!

Must be licensed to purchase.  Email for discounted price.


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