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Gehwol Herbal Bath

Gehwol Herbal Bath

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Because you deserve it!  At the end of a long day (or just because) soak your feet in a bath of enticing aromatherapy that will help to soothe your cares away.

The well-tried combination of active ingredients including essential oils from rosemary and lavender in a natural base helps to alleviate a lot of foot problems.  Calluses and corns are thoroughly softened.

The herbal bath is suitable for the treatment of rough and brittle skin (fissures, cracks and reddening). It has intensive cleansing and long-lasting deodorising properties. Excessive foot perspiration is normalised and unpleasant foot odour is eliminated. A long-lasting pleasant feeling of freshness remains after the bath.

Dermatologically tested.  Also highly suitable for diabetics.  400g box


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