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PPE for Salons and Spas

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3 Ply breathable non-woven single use masks. Soft and comfortable. Ear loop. 50ct  $37.99

Single use black disposable capes. Back tie.  20ct $20.00

Reusable, no fog transparent face shield. Elastic headband with Adjustable buckle. 10 ct $47.50

Naked Manicure Gelie-Cure

Naked Manicure Gelie-Cure

Zoya Spring 2019 Collection

Zoya Spring

Polish Be Gone




Provide your customers with one of the most innovative nail products of the year!

Call or email ASAP for more information!

Fast Foils

A foil remover wrap with thick cotton pad soaked in pure acetone for quick and easy removal of nail polish, gel polish, hard gels dip powders, acrylic enhancements and fiberglass wraps. Simply open the pouch, insert the finger with cotton pad on nail surface, squeeze fast foil around the finger and wait a few minutes. Gently remove residue with a pusher.  No more mess!



A medically proven, non-prescription cream that kills the skin

imagefungus that causes fungal nails. It’s unique blend of natural ingredients are safe and easy to use.


For feet— use in combination with antifungal Shoe Spray, which inhibits growth of microbes within your shoes that cause fungal nails and skin.

Zoya’s Award Winning Naked Manicure

Why be bare when you can go NAKED?  Now you can make your client’s nails healthy Zoya Naked Manicureand gorgeous with the ZOYA NAKED MANICURE SYSTEM. It instantly transforms the cosmetic appearance of nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits.

The Naked System neutralizes unsightly discoloration, refines the nail plate surface, smooths ridges, perfects the free edge, and creates a natural healthy tone and finish.

Over time the Naked Manicure Line supports cellular renewal, improves oxygenation, enhances flexibility and strength, and increases hydration and resilience.

Callus Gone

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Available in the following sizes: Gallon, 32 oz., 4 oz., and 3 oz.

Say Goodbye to stubborn calluses and rough feet. Callus Gone provides the strongest formula for quick file removal in a convenient drip free gel formula.

Zoya Lipstick

Zoya has released new stunning lipsticks, call today for a full lineup!

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